REVIEW: Small Town Folk (2007)

The covert art of the DVD looked promising, unfortunately that was the only bright spot of this entire movie.

I came across this film while browsing for cheap DVDs at a Blockbuster that was closing down. I spent $6 on it and to be frank that was probably the same amount as the budget for this entire film.

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REVIEW: The Orphanage (2007)


You know that feeling when you watch a movie because there’s so much hype around it only to be disappointed, not because the movie was bad, but because of the hype you have set unrealistic standards?

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REVIEW: I STILL Know What You Did Last Summer

Part 2 of my series on the IKWYDLS Trilogy

Banking on the success of both the first installment of this trilogy as well as that of Scream, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (ISKWYDLS) is a rare example of a sequel being better than the pilot.

You see, a big reason why sequels flop or pale in comparison to its predecessor is because of the director’s egotistic mentality of starting from scratch, trying something completely new to demonstrate versatility. This sequel however, is different since not only did it keep its strengths but polished those even better. The movie continued with its slasher theme albeit in a much more improved manner where there was actually more than one memorably gory scene. Continue reading “REVIEW: I STILL Know What You Did Last Summer”

REVIEW: I Know What You Did Last Summer


Part 1 of my series on the IKWYDLS Trilogy.

If you ask any casual horror movie fan what movie comes to mind that incorporates gore, a girl-next-door protagonist and a casting ensemble of the hottest young people of the 90’s chances are they would answer: Scream.

Rarely does anyone remember of another franchise that fits that description: the I Know What You Did Last Summer (IKWYDLS) trilogy. Despite having a resounding box office success and etching its place as one of the most memorable slasher films of its decade, this movie franchise based off Lois Duncan’s 1973 novel will always be in the shadows of its more successful, more iconic counterpart in the genre.

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REVIEW: The Grudge 3, the cliche continues

How long can a person hold a grudge? If you were to ask Takashi Shimizu he’d tell you it can span two sequels with his Japanese-made American-remake franchise, ‘The Grudge 3’ (now directed by Toby Wilkins). This is the third installment to the popular ‘The Grudge’ series and picks up from where ‘The Grudge 2’ left us (though I have not seen the latter yet). The backstory is still the same, it’s about Takeo Saeki’s murder of his wife (Kayako) and only son (Toshio), starting a curse in the process.

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